Ever since humans have roamed the earth so have they used food as medicine. Human trial and error evolved into a sophisticated system for diagnosis and prescription of herbal medicine. Today there are thousands of plants, animals and minerals that comprise Chinese Herbal Medicine. Typically Chinese herbs are never used by themselves, although the media will highlight a specific herb and its magical medicinal properties, it is always best to consult with an herbal practitioner before purchasing a single herb. Herbs have been proven to work best combined in a formula. The formula can be administered the following ways:

  • Raw Herbs - Raw herbs can be boiled down into a decoction and drank by the patient. Although this is the most potent way to ingest Chinese herbal medicine, it may not be the safest. Most Chinese herbs are imported from China so there is no way for a patient to determine weather harmful pesticides are on the raw herbs without the use of expensive technology. Additionally, there are many herbs promoted and being sold which are the wrong species without the appropriate medicinal characteristics. 
  • Granules - Many herbal companies boil single herbs and herbal formulas down and granulate them. These granules can then be added to warm water and ingested. Although this is not the most potent way to take Chinese herbs, many companies have high standards and use the most modern technology to detect pesticides and heavy metals so that the herbs are safe to ingest. Please see the quality standards for more information. 
  • Capsules - Granules can be encapsulated. Some formulas are very bitter and encapsulating makes them easier to swallow. The downside is, since Chinese Herbal medicine involves using all your senses, taking a capsule eliminates the ability to taste and smell the herbs, as their essential oils also play a role in healing your body. 
  • Tea Pills - These are small black beads that are compacted herbs and taken in large dosages. This is considered the least effective way to take Chinese herbs. However, it is better for a patient to take tea pills than no medicine at all. 
  • Patents - There are many patents which herbal companies create. These can be in the form of herbal patches, liniments, mouth wash and sprays. 

Chinese Herbs can help a wide range of symptoms and diseases including infertility, immunity, stress, the common cold, lower back pain, whole body pain, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms, painful menstruation, insomnia, etc. Chinese herbs have a gentle way of getting to the root of your problem and supplementing your body while also healing it. 

Please tell your practitioner if you have any food allergies or if you are taking any supplements or prescription medication, so they may adjust your formula accordingly. Chinese herbs grow in nature but they are still considered a medicine, and thus may conflict with drugs you are already taking. All medical inquiries should begin with a consultation with your primary health care provider. Then consult a licensed professional before trying any herbal product. Information contained within this site is to be used at your own risk. If in doubt about using a particular herbal product, don't try it.