Dr. Teresa Wlasiuk

Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

California Licensed Acupuncturist

Diplomat of Oriental Medicine (NCCOAM)

California Certified Massage Therapist


University of California – Davis
Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science

Swedish Institute

Associate in Occupational Studies – Massage Therapy

Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine 

​Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine


Teresa started her Chinese medical education at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, and finished at Emperor’s College​ in Santa Monica, California. Studying on both coasts allows her access to a wide variety of different styles, mentors and a strong foundation in the Chinese medical practitioner community. 

​Prior to studying Chinese Medicine, Teresa was awarded a prestigious fellowship by the U.S. Department of Energy as an undergraduate and was published in the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2003 Journal of Undergraduate Research. Teresa’s initial interests were in cancer biology and she worked for the USDA Western Human Nutritional Research Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Advanced Light Source (particle accelerator), and Columbia University's Institute for Cancer Genetics.​

Teresa interned as an acupuncturist at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital - Pain Management Center in New York City. She provided acupuncture to veterans and treated phantom limb pain from amputation, neurological problems from agent orange, and many other sophisticated musculoskeletal problems and neurological disorders. She continues to volunteer for Veteran's events, including the LA Veteran & Family Stand Down.

​Teresa completed a clinical internship at the College of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University (中國醫藥大學) and Hospital in Taichung, Taiwan. She observed a plethora of treatments including: scalp acupuncture for children with intellectual disabilities and growth delays, orthopedic acupuncture with insertion of self-dissolving surgical wire into acupuncture points, stroke rehabilitation acupuncture, and ocular acupuncture for degenerative eye disorders.

Since 2014, Teresa has volunteered as a Chinese Medical Practitioner with The Global Healthworks Foundation in Quiche and Chichicastenango, Guatemala. In 6 days, the team treats around 1500 indigenous people who have limited to no access to modern healthcare.  Treating over a hundred and fifty patients herself each jornada, has given her a unique prospective on many pathologies both common and rare in the United States.

Teresa was given the honor and privilege of helping prepare retired U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Charlie Linville to climb Mt. Everest. Teresa acted as both his Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist during the eight weeks prior to him leaving for Everest base camp. On 19 May 2016, Charlie made history as the first combat wounded amputee to summit Mt. Everest. The results from the treatments had a profound impact on his phantom limb pain and became the topic of Teresa's doctoral capstone project at Emperor's College. Further information about Charlie's training can be found in this article: Equinox.com/theheroesproject


Teresa studied Japanese acupuncture at Meiji University of Integrative Medicine (明治国際医療大学) in Kyoto, Japan. The curriculum included classes in gentle needling technique, facial acupuncture, da-shin hammer technique, shone-shin pediatric acupuncture, and clinical rounds.


While pregnant with her son, Teresa volunteered her acupuncture and Chinese Medicine services to the Native American tribes protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock in North Dakota during the harsh subzero winter for Christmas to New Years 2016. 

Teresa served as a labor assistant/ doula for two separate births in 2011 and has taken courses for acupuncture in labor and delivery. She used acupuncture and chinese herbs during her own pregnancy, labor and postpartum. She uses acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas to help many female patients prepare their bodies for pregnancy, increase their fertility, support their system through pregnancy and help prepare them for labor. She has treated many women regularly throughout their pregnancies & postpartum. She completed a postpartum doula course and offers home visits to new mothers including: chinese herbal formulas safe for new nursing mothers, meal preparation, gentle postpartum massage therapy, and rejuvenating acupuncture, and her own experience. Teresa has worked on many children and has treated children for respiratory problems, eczema, digestive issues, mental and physical developmental disorders, cerebral palsy, muscles tension, & boosting immunity pre and post vaccination. 

Teresa believes in whole body care, helping her patients to unblock what is preventing them from healing and reaching their optimal state of health. She has worked for more than a decade in sports massage therapy and helped many athletes to quicken their recovery time from strenuous workouts and/ or sports injuries. She has had significant success in treating Ménière's disease, Phantom Limb Pain, Radial Mononeuropathy, Scleroderma, Somnambulism/ Sleepwalking,  and Stroke. 

Teresa has facilitated healing experiences for Summit & WITMA.

Teresa also studies Wing Tsun kung fu, Vipassana meditation, and is an avid reader, rock climber, skier, surfer, runner (3 marathons & 4 half marathons), triathlete & oil painter.